Waterway boating holidays allow you to explore thousands of miles from the comfort of a holiday boat, whether a traditional canal narrowboat or a luxurious river cruiser. There are waterway vacation centres dotted all around the country, so you can choose the area that intrigues you most in England, Scotland and Wales.

Canals and rivers are beautiful in themselves, but a UK waterways boating holiday has a unique appeal which comes just as much from what you'll find on the waterside. Waterways vacations let you visit a world rich in pubs and restaurants, quiet country villages, wildlife sites, museums, and countless more attractions. Discovering life on the other side of the towpath is one of the things that sets waterways boating holidays apart from offshore boating, and that draws so many visitors to waterways vacations in the UK every year.

But don't let us fool you into thinking it's all quiet countryside and unhurried cruising. Waterways boating holidays take you through some of the UK’s liveliest cities: the Thames through London is lined with attractions, while Birmingham's canalside is alive with night-time entertainment. Waterways boating holidays provide a wonderful contrast for everyone to enjoy throughout the UK. Book a waterway vacation and see the UK most tourists miss, this summer.

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