Canal waterway holidays take you along the 200 year old canal cruising network of the UK, a remarkable asset from its industrial past, has now been developed into the wonderful leisure activity which is waterway cruises! These unique UK canal waterway holidays offer superb waterway cruises on comfortable traditional narrowboats.

They are narrow ribbons of water winding almost unnoticed between the hedgerows, passing through the woods, fields and pretty villages of our finest countryside, and into the heart of our historic cities. Canal waterway holidays allow you to wonder along waterways that are full of trees and flowers and abundant with wildlife, passing over soaring aqueducts and through amazing tunnels, past old wharves and cottages and numerous canal side pubs! UK canal waterway holidays are unique and on a waterway cruise you can really appreciate all you see, a remarkable and unforgettable way to experience the UK.

Beginners are always welcome on a canal waterway holiday in the UK. No experience is needed to fully enjoy waterway cruises, as full instruction is given by the operators. There are also training courses for waterways cruises to let you get even more from your canal boating holiday.

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